Our Team

Dr. Terrance Waggoner

Dr. Terrance Waggoner/President & CEO

With a doctorate from Logan University, Terrance has been serving Northern Indiana for over 27 years as a Chiropractic physician. He believes in total wellness, which includes taking nutrients that our bodies don't get in our daily diets. He has been selling nutritional supplements in his offices for years, but decided it was time that somebody offer an all-in-one nutrient that would be easy to take, effective, and save people both time and money.

He is also the father of 6 children (one of them adopted from Ethiopia), and it was during his time in Ethiopia bringing home his daughter that God began to soften his heart and create a burning desire to do all that he could to help needy and vulnerable children. "I have been blessed with much, and I felt the Lord calling me to give both my time and energy, as well as my resources." It is for these reasons that he founded Encompass Nutrients; serving both the health and wellness community as well as giving hope to those who are less fortunate.

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Aaron Waggoner

Aaron Waggoner/Vice President

In 2007, Aaron took a look at himself and realized he needed to do something about his health. That's the moment his passion for exercise and fitness began. After adopting their son Ty from Thailand in 2013, He and his wife have recently returned from Thailand again this time with their daughter Mia. So, with the purpose of advocating for orphans, it seemed like a natural fit to get involved with Encompass Nutrients when he was approached by Dr. Waggoner.

Aaron has been involved in everything from manufacturing, packaging, and shipping, to design, marketing, and web development. "There is nothing more exciting than pouring yourself into your work, and seeing the results of that work being poured into the lives of children around the globe that so desperately need the love and attention they deserve. I wholeheartedly believe in our products and our mission! That's why I purchase Complete Adult at the same price our customers do and take it daily to aid in my overall wellness, knowing that my money is both aiding my health and the lives of children. I am privileged to share in the responsibilities of this company in "building health and giving hope!"

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Mark Goertz

Mark Goertz/Board Member

Mark has been an elementary school teacher for the past 20 plus years. He has a strong love and desire to help children. This love for children has taken him across the world several times to visit orphans in Cambodia and Thailand.

Over the past year Mark’s increasing interesting in cycling opened the door for him to take part in the Encompass Nutrients annual “Ride for a Reason” bicycle ride. This opportunity introduced Mark to Encompass Nutrients and their mission.

Mark is excited for the opportunity to assist orphans in a new way by being a part of the Encompass team.

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Keith Puckett

Keith Puckett/Board Member

Keith is a former business owner, and currently works as a new product developer for a local company. As his family grew and he and his wife Linda became empty-nesters, three different couples in their circle of friends adopted a child and exposed them to the orphan crisis in our world. He saw what it takes to adopt and the stark difference one family can make in a child's life was evident. When he was asked to join the team at Encompass Nutrients, he quickly said, "Yes!" "I love being involved in building health and giving hope."

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Dr. Chase Waggoner

Dr. Chase Waggoner/Board Member

Chase contributes with nutritional consulting, sales, and is one of the board members at Encompass Nutrients. His passion for orphan advocacy began in 2009 when his family adopted his sweet little sister, Anna, from Ethiopia. Through the adoption process, he was introduced to the challenges orphans face all over the world; one of those challenges being a lack of nutrition. "My heart was broken for the orphan and vulnerable children who lacked the opportunity for nutritional resources." In August 2011, he had the opportunity to visit Ethiopia; working alongside volunteers and orphans on a mission trip. There, he saw the lack of resources and the need for nutritional education.

Through such experiences, Chase became interested in nutrition, health, and the wellness of others; especially that of orphans and vulnerable children around the world. Because of this, God lead him to Logan College of Chiropractic. "I am excitedly looking forward to graduating in August of 2015 to pursue my passion of health and wellness."

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Dr. Matthew Johnson

Dr. Matthew Johnson/Board Member

With a doctorate from Logan University, Dr. Matt has been serving Warsaw, Indiana for over 21 years as a Chiropractor. Being an avid cyclist and golfer, he personally enjoys using the Encompass Nutrients products! Having received a full-ride scholarship to college for golf, Dr. Matt has been around athletics his whole life. He loves prescribing Encompass Nutrients for his patients to aid in their health and nutrition.

Dr. Matt resides in Warsaw with his wife, Rachel (an Optometrist practicing in Warsaw) and 4 boys. When not working and providing Health, wellness, and nutrition to his patients, he enjoys quality time with his family and competitive cycling. He was able to ride a portion of the annual "Ride for a Reason" bicycle ride this year also. He also enjoys traveling to visit family in Arizona and Florida.

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