Our Story

Start-by-Jon-Acuff1Dr. Waggoner walked into my office on a Friday morning in May. He could hardly control his excitement. Those that have the privilege of knowing Terry can attest to his energetic personality, but he was noticeably more eager than usual. He began telling me about a book he started reading. Ironically enough, it was entitled, Start. by John Acuff. In it, he writes about not settling in life for the “norm”, and going from average to awesome by no longer trying to find your purpose in life, but instead living your life with purpose each and every day.

Again, those of you that know Doc are already aware of all that he does to help the orphaned and vulnerable children in our world. He and his wife, Juli, adopted a baby girl from Ethiopia, and it was during their travels to bring her home that his heart for the less fortunate children in our world began to burn with a desire to do something more.

He began telling me about a patient of his that asked why they had to take all of these different pills to get the nutrients they needed. “Why don’t they just make one that does it all?” She was taking a probiotic, a multivitamin, and an omega-3 supplement; paying upwards of $120 a month in total cost. So, naturally, Doc took her question and asked himself, “Why don’t I create a product that does just that?” He explained his idea of a nutrition company that would offer an all-in-one nutrient targeting various stages of life. The radical difference about this business is that the purpose would be to make money in order to care for children in need. There are so many non-profit organizations that already exist doing just that, so his plan was to support those organizations financially. We discussed a name for the business and had a tax ID within four days. Encompass Nutrients was born! We were off and running.

We put together a team of talented individuals that share our passion who could help us accomplish our goals. Let’s be honest, starting a nutrition company from the ground up has to be a team effort! Since that day, we have poured time, talent, resources, and energy into this company in the pursuit of living life with purpose. We have carefully selected all of the ingredients that will go into each of our formulas, worked hard at designing a brand that will be recognizable and appealing, and have plugged away at creating a website that will be both informative and functional for our customers. We hope you are thrilled with the end result of your experience with Encompass Nutrients; from placing your order, to taking our products, to knowing you made a difference in the lives of children in need with your purchase.

This company won’t get very far without your support, so we certainly appreciate your help in spreading the word about Encompass Nutrients! If you believe in our product and our mission, you can start by first telling others about us, asking them to “like” our Facebook page and then to tell others as well. Thank you for your support in helping us Build Health and Give Hope!

– Aaron Waggoner
Vice President