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Encompass Helps Tough Guys Rescue 10 Children!

  1476529_10101559719406808_886208570_nOn November 16th, four men participated in what is quite possibly the world’s most challenging race.  Most people would say they were crazy for even attempting it.  The thing is, they didn’t run for fame or fortune.  They ran to rescue children trapped in sexual slavery.

Team Community Chiropractic and Wellness Center is comprised of Jeremiah Olsen, Kevin Castetter, Andrew Rumfelt, and Jonathan Corbin; a pastor, a nurse, a pilot, and a tree climber.  As a team, they participated in a Tough Mudder event and did well enough that they  qualified for the World’s Toughest Mudder, held once a year for only the toughest (and some would say craziest) people on earth.  It’s a 24 hour endurance event comprised of not just running, but running through mud, scaling walls, climbing through tunnels, jumping into frigid water, and even being electrically shocked.  They trained for many months for this event in the hopes that they could finish well, and even possibly win the title of the World’s Toughest Mudders.  The prize money that goes to the winning team?  $12,000!

1461859_10101559719351918_1183092553_nHowever, they determined that if they were to win, they would not be keeping any of it for themselves.  Their plan?  Give 100% of it to Destiny Rescue, a non-profit organization that rescues young girls from sex trafficking and provides them with counseling,housing, and an environment in which they can get back on their feet and learn to provide for themselves.  Encompass Nutrients donated $500 to DR earlier this year to help rescue a child (the cost is $1,500 per rescue).  When the Tough Mudder team learned about DR themselves, they decided to dedicate their race to the cause.  Not only did they determine to give up their winnings, but they also sought out donors to sponsor them for each lap they finished.  In order to help motivate others to give, Encompass Nutrients sponsored $1,500 that would match other’s gifts, helping raise at least up to $3,000.

1457543_10101559719536548_304886978_nThe 24 hour event has come and gone.  The race was grueling and did end up taking a toll on the guys.  A couple of them ended up having to pull out of the competition due to injury, but two of them did complete the entire 24 hours.  So, what does that mean for their goal of raising money for Destiny Rescue?  Well, despite the fact that they didn’t win any prize money (the rules state the all four team members must remain in the competition), they were able to raise enough money to rescue 10 girls out of sexual slavery!  That’s over $15,000!  Amazing!  We are happy to have been able to contribute to this amazing cause, and will continue to do so with money that comes in through the sales of our products.

To learn more about Destiny Rescue and other non-profits that we support, please visit our Partners page.