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The Compass

When deciding on our company name, we wanted it to describe both our product and our mission.  “Encompass” best represented how our Complete line is all-inclusive.  It really is a true all-in-one nutrient.  However, in our endeavor to promote building health, we understand that there is still so much more than our nutrients to living a healthy lifestyle.  We know it’s a bit cliche, but we thought using the directions of a compass would best show what we feel are the four key components to a healthy lifestyle.  The four quadrants of health are (N)utrition, (S)leep, (E)xercise, and (W)ater.  To learn more about each area, just click on the “Building Health” page at the top of our site, or click on this link… https://www.encompassnutrients.com/health/our-philosophy/