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Prayer and a T-Shirt

It’s kind of hard to believe that the day has finally come.  It’s Launch Day!  Our website is going live, and we are officially taking orders for Encompass Nutrients products.  To celebrate, we are giving away 100 t-shirts!  The first 25 people to purchase our Couples Bundle will each receive 2 t-shirts and the first 50 orders we receive not including the couples bundle will also receive a shirt.  Be sure to mention what size you’d like in the comment box during checkout (S, M, L, or XL.  They are not specific to gender).

But how did we get here?  It all started with prayer, and a willingness to act on an idea.  Encompass Nutrients was founded in prayer and has been bathed in prayer all along the way!  Our board members are fasting/praying today not only for a successful launch, but that God would be glorified  through this company and that He would use it to impact the lives of more people than we could possibly imagine.  To read the entire story of how Encompass Nutrients came to be, click here.

photo 3We have worked extremely hard over the past 10 months making sure that we are offering you the best product possible, but have shown along the way we are committed to giving hope to children in need.  In fact, our founder and President, Dr. Terrance Waggoner isn’t able to be here for our launch today, because he’s currently in Honduras with Lifesong for Orphans learning more about what can be done to make a difference there.  He’s busy living out our mission of giving hope.  With your purchase, you too will take part in giving hope all while building your health.  How awesome is that!? Go to our store to place your order!