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It takes a Village!

We are excited to announce that we will be giving a recurring monthly donation to Village to Village International.  They are a non profit organization that exists to bring hope to the global orphan crisis by caring and advocating for orphans and providing financial solutions for adoptions.  There are an estimated 147 million orphans in the world!  Many of these children need food, clothing, and education, but one thing they all need is love and a family to belong to that can provide that for them.

My wiBaldwinFamily2fe and I recently brought our son home from Thailand and I couldn’t imagine my life without him now that he’s been home for three months.  Village to Village was instrumental in helping us bring Ty home.  You see, as many of you may already know, adoption is expensive.  Families can spend anywhere from $15,000 to $70,000 to adopt a single child.  Unfortunately, this can be an obstacle for some that seems insurmountable.  I have personally had conversations with couples interested in adopting only to walk away from it due to the money required.  My encouragement to anyone is if you feel led to adopt, do it!  Don’t let money get in the way.  A village of people supported us to make it happen and God has His hand in it every step of the way!  V2V is set up as a non profit that allows friends and family to donate to adopting families and be able to write off that gift on their taxes.  They also seek people to donate monthly in which those funds are shared amongst the families accepted into their program.  Because we were able to raise $10,000 through V2V, my wife and I are happy to give back to other adopting families in order to help bring them closer to their children.

Heart_for_KorahYou can check out all of the adopting families currently seeking funds on V2V’s sit by clicking here!  As you can see, they help families adopting from Africa, Haiti, the US, and Asia.  That’s why Encompass Nutrients is so proud to partner with V2V, because we are able to help children from all over the world through this one organization!  And there’s nothing better than seeing a child united with their new family.

Haaland-1You can read more about these families and other projects Village to Village International is involved with by going to their site.  Please consider being a part of the village with a monthly recurring donation (starting at only $10 a month!).  As always, every purchase made through Encompass Nutrients helps orphans and vulnerable children around the globe!  If you haven’t started supplementing your diet with our products yet, head to our online store to make a purchase so you can begin “Building Health. Giving Hope.”