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Circle vs. Triangle

More and more people are beginning to concern themselves with proper nutrition (and rightly so).  People are finally beginning to realize how many processed foods we eat, and that we tend to get very little actual nutrition from our diet and get mostly chemicals, fillers, or foods that do more harm than good.  Naturally, companies are beginning to see the potential to capitalize on this newfound awareness and desire to do something about our diets.  Have you noticed how many choices there are out there now claiming “low fat”, “low sodium”, “gluten free”, “all natural”, and so on?  Not that this is a bad thing.  It’s just becoming big business.

pyramidIt’s the same thing with dietary supplements.  The number of products and brands out there today are astounding!  It can be a little overwhelming when making the decision on which you should buy.  Often, people just go with that they know or what’s popular. However, the most popular method lately seems to be that of network marketing.  You may have heard of products by companies like Zija, Herbalife, Nature’s Sunshine, and It Works (the list goes on).  All of them use the “network marketing” method of growing their brands.  I am not here to tell you whether or not their products work or not.  I am sure they have some good products that provide great results.  However, have you ever noticed how expensive their products are? There’s a reason for that high price tag. The issue lies in their methodology.  Peter sells to Paul, and then Paul sells to Mary, and Mary sells to Martha, and so on.  Not only is everyone using the product, they all are trying to make money on it as well.  So, when everyone needs to make money on the same product, there simply has to be a high profit margin to begin with.  Oh yeah, and the company itself needs to make money too!  That’s the triangle or pyramid method of business.

circleWhether you have strong feelings for or against that type of business, we can all agree that it is polarizing.  It’s kind of like the New York Yankess.  People either love them or hate them and there aren’t too many that are indifferent.  At Encompass Nutrients, we often get people asking us if we are a network marketing company.  The answer is “no”.  We simply sell our products at a fair price to those looking to build their health and get the most for their money.  What makes us extremely unique is that we then turn around and donate 80% of our profits to organizations that are advocating for orphans both in the US and abroad.  Once people realize that, the overwhelming majority decide that we are a company they can get behind; the kind of company that has the customer’s best interest in mind, and a greater purpose.  We sell, you buy, we give.  That is the circle method of doing business.

If you are ready to begin building your health through an amazing product (Complete Adult and Joint Health) and know that the money you spend is going towards helping children and not making people rich, then get on board and place your purchase today! And don’t forget to tell others about us!