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We had such great feedback from people when we announced that we were going to sponsor two children because of our April sales.  We thought, “why not take this a step further and actually let our customers decide where they want profits to go?” So, we are giving you a choice! Two very different projects/causes that are both worthy of supporting!

YouChooseIndiaAIM Asia is a 27-year old inter-denominational, non-profit Christian agency, dedicated to offering hope and help to a world in need; specifically orphans and widows. They are overseeing the building of a new orphanage in Karnataka, India that will provide a home and care for 60 orphaned boys, and will even have the ability to expand upwards in the future (additional floors).  Each boys’ entire belongings fit into a single small briefcase sized luggage bag!

YouChooseCrossingThe Crossing empowers struggling students to become contributing members of their communities through academics, job-training, and faith-based mentoring. This is a non-profit organization that needs financial gifts in order to operate and pay the hard-working staff members who serve these kids. Without the Crossing, most of these students wouldn’t have the opportunity to finish their education and make a difference in their own lives.

Through the rest of May and all through June, we are giving you the choice as to which of these two awesome causes you’d like to support through your purchase of Encompass Nutrients.  Whether you spend $20 or $300, you can tell us which organization you’d like profits from your purchase to go towards.  Simply designate either “Orphanage” or “Crossing” in the comment section during checkout.  It’s that simple!  We can’t wait to report what we were able to donate because of your purchases.  Obviously, the more you purchase and spread the word, the more we’ll be able to give and make a difference!

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