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150 Miles. On Bicycles. In 1 Day.

3 out of our 5 Encompass Nutrients board members will be riding their bikes 150 miles in a single day less than two weeks from now! It would be something to accomplish to ride that many miles in a week’s time, but on August 29th, Dr. Terrance Waggoner, Aaron Waggoner, Joshua Weiland, and a handful of others will be cycling from Shipshewana, IN to Fremont, OH and doing it all in a day. (It’s a good thing they’ll be powered by Encompass Nutrients to give them the added nutrition they need to get the job done!)

ride2ohioWhy? This actually won’t be the first time Terry or Aaron have done this ride. Last year, they, along with Terry’s siblings Tanya Kempton and Daniel Waggoner, did this exact ride. They wanted to make it a yearly event. So, what makes this year any different? Terry challenged everyone to “Ride for a Reason”, making this year’s ride more of a fundraiser. Each rider was encouraged to choose an organization or cause to raise money for, and then spread the word. Without further ado, here are the different ways in which you can give to these riders as a way to honor their hard work and efforts!

Terry is riding for the ZAT Project in Ethiopia. You can learn more about it and donate through this link… http://www.acharityproject.com/f/TerrysRideForAReason

Aaron is riding for the Farber family; missionaries in Ayutthaya, Thailand. You can learn more and give through this link… http://www.acharityproject.com/f/150MileEncompassNutrientsRideforaReason

Tanya is riding for Fellowship Missions homeless shelter in Warsaw, IN. Please contact Tanya for information on how to give. https://www.facebook.com/tanya.kempton?fref=ts

Dan is riding for Bibles for Africa in an effort to..yep, raise Bibles for Africa 🙂 Please contact Dan at https://www.facebook.com/waggswheels?fref=ts to learn more on how to give.

If there are any other updates on charities other riders will be riding for, we’ll update you on our facebook page. Thank you in advance for your gifts, and please tune into our facebook page as well as Twitter (@EncompassN) for updates on our ride progress throughout the day on August 29th!