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“Completing” Our Line of Products

My son, Ty, accepted the elephant-shaped chewable I offered him and put it in his mouth. He smiled as he began to chew it and said, “Crunchy!”. “Do you like it?”, I asked. He simply smiled as he shook his head in approval.

For seven months now, we’ve been offering teens and adults a completely unique product that takes a daily multivitamin to a whole new level by combining it with probiotic, Omega-3 fish oil, and our own proprietary blend of Whole Foods. We call it an “All-in-One Nutrient”! We have heard amazing feedback on how much our customers love Complete Adult and how great they feel knowing that they are getting so much nutrition in one single daily dose while they save money in the process!

Since the beginning, we were determined to make this revolutionary combination of nutrients available to all ages. The development of a baby and children’s version proved to be an extremely difficult and lengthy process. With all of those vitamins, minerals, and Omega-3’s, we knew we had a large obstacle to overcome in making them taste good enough that children would take them. To be completely transparent, the first taste samples we took were horrifying; very tart, and very very fishy! However, after adding natural flavoring and stevia (natural sweetener), we have landed on a liquid version for babies and a chewable for kids that tastes 100 times better than that first batch.*please note, Omega-3 DHA will have a “fishy” smell and taste, but we have done our absolute best at making this product taste as good as it possibly can while still containing the nutritional benefits Omega-3 offers.

CBforNews After more than a year of product development, we are happy to finally make both Complete Babyand Complete Kids available to the market! We hope you’ll give it a try knowing that you’ll be giving your children more than an average multivitamin can provide. You’ll be giving them an “All-in-One CKforNewsNutrient” that allows them to build their health while giving hope to other kids in need around the globe.

“More?!”, my son asked after he finished swallowing. “Sorry Ty, you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to have another”. I was nervous he’d miss his gummy bear vitamin we used to purchase. He’s forgotten all about them!