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Shonda Explains…

Thank you Shonda for this awesome and encouraging report!

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 10.24.28 AM“I’ve never really been much of a vitamin or supplement taker. However, last year as I began training to run my first full marathon, I noticed my knees creaking up and down stairs and generalized aching in my joints. As my husband and I squeak into our late 30’s and lead relatively active lives, I realized we really ought to take our health a little more serious, particularly our joint health. When we heard about Encompass Nutrients, their Complete Adult and Joint Health seemed like a perfect fit. Our family is very passionate about orphan care and showing love to the vulnerable. So when we learned Encompass Nutrients’ philosophy and how very much they give back, the best of two worlds just met.

FullSizeRenderI just returned from a week in Ethiopia with CEO Terrance Waggoner and we had the privilege of meeting a few of the families sponsored by Encompass Nutrients. One girl, 15 year-old Fantanesh and her 18 year-old sister live in an area of Addis Ababa called Korah, an area adjacent to the city dump where a large population of lepers live. Fantanesh’s father lost his legs to leprosy and her mother abandoned them when Fantanesh was only 3. Because of the generosity of Encompass Nutrients, Fantanesh and her older sister can go to school, buy school supplies, and receive a large monthly food distribution. Before their sponsorship, Fantanesh said they relied solely on their father begging in the streets for their survival. Now, their family is full of dignity and hope for the future.”