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bworphanstext“We are passionate about two things: helping you achieve greater states of overall wellness, and caring for orphaned and vulnerable children around the world.” This is taken directly from our mission statement found on every bottle of nutrients we manufacture. A simpler way to say it would be that we exist to help you build your health while giving hope to children in need. We aren’t the first company to give profits towards a bigger cause. In fact, it’s becoming a pretty common trend these days, but it’s a trend that we hope is here to stay!

However, you may be wondering why we chose to support non-profits that are caring for orphans. Think about this…

“Have you ever imagined growing up without a mom or dad? Or facing life alone on the streets just because you were the second born? These are the harsh realities that orphans are facing today, right now in 2013. The orphan crisis is a topic that many people talk about, but few truly understand. The truth is, this topic is more than just a pop-culture conversation: it is real, it is relevant for each of us, and it is filled with heartbreak. It is the international orphan crisis.” – ShowHope.org.  

terry&kids 001There are more than an estimated 140 Million orphans in the world! So many in fact that if you were to group them all together as a country, they would be the 10th largest country in the world!

First of all, we want to make it very clear that our decision to care for orphans with the profits from this company was not a flippant, “Well, we better pick something to give to. Everyone else is doing it, so we might as well too.” No. In fact, it’s the other way around. Ever since the adoption of his little girl, Anna Tihun, Dr. Waggoner’s heart has been to do everything he can for orphans and vulnerable children. His chiropractic office already gives 10% of gross income to orphan care! So, the conversation went something closer to this…”I was praying about what else I could do to help solve the world’s orphan crisis. I had an idea for a great product that’s missing from the dietary supplement industry, and the profits would go towards orphan care.” Just like that, two needs were met with one person’s willingness to be available and active in seeking out a solution to both needs.

So, if you love the idea of purchasing a product that will benefit your family’s health while caring for orphans around the world, we welcome you to Encompass Nutrients! Building Health. Giving Hope.