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0 to 50 in 12 Months; a Weight-Loss Story

IsaiahThenNowIf you’re looking for inspiration this year, we’ve got just the story for you. This time of year, you are seeing and hearing everywhere people wanting to make a change for the better, especially regarding their health. Unfortunately, so many people give up early in their journey. Here’s a story of true success about how Isaiah Velazquez lost 60 pounds, and hopefully it will encourage you to keep working towards your goals in 2015!

This time last year, Isaiah Velazquez wasn’t all too happy with the state of his health and happiness. He knew he wasn’t making the best choices when it came to his diet, and he rarely if ever exercised. However, he didn’t just sit around and expect things to magically change on their own. He did something about it! He made it his goal to simply become a healthy and happier version of himself. He decided to go running and he completely cut out soda from his diet.

“I can’t wait to make the most of them (a pair of running shoes) and whip my body into the best shape it’s ever been in. I chose this specific color to help remind me that it will be an uphill battle, but one I must face in order to become a healthier me.”

He took his first steps towards his goal on Jan. 13th last year by going for his first run. 2 miles at 15 minutes per mile. It was his first run, but the first of many. He’ll tell you that it took him a little over a month of running fairly consistently before he actually started to enjoy it.

I can distinctly recall seeing a post this past fall when Isaiah decided to run a marathon. By himself. No fanfare. No emotional support or encouragement along the way. He simply walked out the door, ran 26.2 miles and came home. That is amazing!

As if that isn’t impressive enough, he decided to push himself even more by signing up for the Huff 50K trail run (31 miles). Isaiah let me know that he had picked up our Complete Adult and Joint Health to start taking as part of rounding out his nutrition as well as take care of his joints that were seeing a lot more abuse than he was used to. I asked him to let me know how they worked for him after he ran the race.

#RUNNING11 months later and 60 pounds lighter, on December 20th, Isaiah ran and completed the Huff 50K Trail Run. That’s impressive! However, that’s a lot of pounding in the knees! I asked Isaiah how our products worked and he said he was amazed at the results! He thought he’d have to take 2-3 weeks off of running to recover, but he was “back at it 3 days later with no pain whatsoever!

He said he often gets asked how he handles the side effects of giving up soda and where he gets his energy from, and he said that Complete Adult has been the key! It gives him the energy he needs throughout the day due to all of the B vitamins and other nutrients it’s packed with. “It’s not a placebo effect either. I’m horrible about remembering to take them daily, but I can definitely tell when I missed my daily dosage!”

I think one of the biggest keys to Isaiah’s success is his determination to not give up. Being healthy is not about a fad diet, exercising a handful of times and expecting amazing results, or a magic pill to do all of the work for you. You have to encompass a well-rounded healthy lifestyle. Create a habit of exercise, healthy eating, hydration, sleep, and supplementing your diet with nutritional products like Encompass Nutrients Complete Adult and Joint Health.

And it doesn’t stop there! Isaiah continues to push himself. I’ll leave you with this quote from the man himself…

“This is the only person I am competing against. I will run harder, faster, & farther than him. I will be stronger both physically and mentally than him. I will be better than him in every shape, way, & form. I will defeat him in 2015!” – Isaiah Velazquez on competing against his present self (Dec. 30th, 2014)

Take a cue from Isaiah and Encompass your health in 2015! Get your encompass products here!