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$136,000 in Product Donated!!

The best made plans don’t always turn out the way you intend. Sometimes, they turn into something even better that you never could have imagined.

Last September we released our Complete Kids all-in-one nutrient for purchase. It has all of the same great nutritional benefits of our Complete Adult but in a chewable tablet for children. The flavor wasn’t a hit with our customers, so we went back to the drawing board to work on a new version with flavor being a high priority while still maintaining the great nutritional benefits.

10470637_1110341582314769_2231320624851304305_nIn early May we attended the Christian Alliance For Orphans summit conference in Nashville, TN. For two days, we got to interact with thousands of people sharing our passion to care for the fatherless. What struck us was that the majority of conversations started with something like this…”So, you guys make vitamins for orphans?” Then, we would go on to explain how we are a for-profit company that donates our profits to care for orphans. We never intended on our products ever reaching the orphans themselves, mostly due to logistics (shipping, taxation, and regulations).

OOlogo-ColorI was having a conversation with the team from Orphan Outreach when it struck us…We have roughly 4,000 bottles of a children’s All-In-One Nutrient with amazing nutritional value that is just sitting in our warehouse. There are orphans in countries all over the world that need this nutrition and whose very lives could depend on it. I mentioned the idea of donating the product to their organization to take into country and they were beyond excited about the possibility. Again, we never thought of the possibility of missions teams taking our products in their second bags as a way to get them into country.

BigBottle 2Our team discussed the idea and decided it was a “no brainer”. We believe in the nutritional value of the product despite the taste not going over well here in America, and we know that the children receiving it will benefit greatly from it. If we weren’t going to make profit from the sales of the product that we could then donate, why not donate the product itself where it will still fulfill our mission of aiding the orphan?

We got started right away transferring all of the product from the 60 count glass bottles to the 600 count plastic jugs, making it much more space-saving and durable for travel. Our manufacturing partner even joined in the giving spirit by donating their time and money by providing the 600 count jars as well as bottling it all up for us!

BigBottle 1We ended up making connections with 5 different non-profit organizations at the conference that were excited about receiving a portion of our donation. Here we are, only one and a half months after the conference, and our nutrients have made it into the hands (and bodies) of children in Haiti, Ghana, Guatemala, India, and will soon reach 85 orphans in Uganda! We have nearly cleared out every last bottle of our original Complete Kids product line. That’s roughly 4,000 bottles, 240,000 Chewable Tablets, and $135,800 retail value worth of product; enough to provide 657 children with an entire year’s worth of daily nutrients!

IMG_6082We serve an amazing God who can take our mistakes & failures and turn them into something even more than we had imagined; reminding us again that He is sovereign! We are hoping and praying that this is just the beginning of long-term partnerships with these organizations, that they will see the benefit our product had on the health and lives of these children, and that we’ll have the opportunity to continue providing our new & improved Complete Kids chewables to them for many years to come!