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It’s NOT a Multivitamin! It’s Much Much More!

We realized that when we set out to develop not only a brand new product but a brand new category of products, that there was going to be a certain level of education required. When we 1st announced that we would be introducing an All-In-One Nutrient to the market, not everyone knew what that meant. It’s been 16 months since we first launched our Complete Adult product, and we are realizing there are still a lot of people who don’t understand the need or the benefit of an All-In-One Nutrient.

store-productBanner-completeAdultFirst and foremost, it’s important that you understand that our Complete line products aren’t multivitamins. Yes, they do include 19 vitamins & minerals, but that’s where multivitamins stop and where the concept of the All-In-One Nutrient begins! After careful research, we found out a way to combine everything that a multi has with 3 other key products we think are vital to building and maintaining overall health & wellness; probiotic, omega-3 fish oil, and Super Greens. That’s FOUR key nutritional products in one daily dose pill! That’s why we call it an All-In-One Nutrient.

Here are the benefits and typical retail cost of these four individual products broken down for you…

imgresMultivitamin – Things like vitamin D can lower the risk of colon cancer and many other forms of cancer and also, as well as other chronic diseases. Vitamin C helps strengthen your bones, and vitamin E is best known for being an antioxidant. There are so many more benefits to a good multi (every ingredient is there for a reason). Cost for a quality multi (2 month supply) = $22

Probiotic – Your body is full of both good and bad bacteria. The imgres-1good is referred to as probiotics. It’s pretty simple really. Good bacteria (probiotics) help keep your stomach healthy by aiding the digestion of your food! Cost for a quality probiotic (2 month supply) = $40

Fish Oil – Most people don’t get enough of the healthy fatty acids in their diet, because let’s face it, most American don’t eat a lot of fish. Fish oil, consisting of two main components (EPA & DHA) has been shown to help boost imagesbrain power and memory, reduce the signs of aging, improve bone health, improve fat burning, and much more! Cost for a quality Fish Oil (2 month supply) = $25

Super Greens – Kale, broccoli, alfalfa, moringa, and chlorella are all referred to as Super Greens; whole foods that are rich in fiber that aids in preventing colon cancer. They also provide digestive enzymes that aid in breaking down other foods such as proteins. Finally, Super green-veggie-powder-horizontalGreens have also been shown to help heal tissue. On top of all that, you get added vitamins from these greens as well! Cost for a quality Super Green blend (2 month supply) = $28

Four products. Tons of benefits! However, if you add up the money spent to get all of those benefits, you’re looking at spending roughly $100 – $120 or more every 2 months! That’s a lot of money to spend to build and maintain your health.

That’s why we developed Complete Adult, Complete Kid, and Complete Baby! We’ve taken all four of those products and combined them into one single daily-dose to get all of the benefits at a fraction of the cost! At only $34.95 for a two month supply, our Complete Adult is a bargain for all of the health benefits you get! And you’ll feel great about your purchase knowing that you are directly helping care for orphans all over the world!

Encompass-Club-Complete-AdultMake sure to make Complete Adult a part of your daily health maintenance routine! Subscribe now and make it super easy on yourself by automatically receiving your order at your doorstep without the hassle of needing to remember to order in advance before you run out.

*These are not direct comparisons in regards to dosage amounts of each ingredient. Price comparisons are based on similar quality brands/ingredients and not the type of quality as what you’d find at a large retail store.

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