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Nutrition Sponsorship in Liberia

liberia100 Children at an orphanage in Monrovia, Liberia could soon be receiving essential vitamins and nutrients to help improve their health and development. But first, we need people willing to step up and provide the product through our Orphan Nutrition Sponsorship program (or ONS).

This will be the first orphanage for Lifesong for Orphans to partner with our ONS program. They see the value in helping improve the lives of these children with nutrition they aren’t already receiving in their daily diets. Each child will receive one Complete Kids chewable tablet daily that includes 19 vitamins & minerals to fill in the gaps they aren’t getting in their diets, omega-3’s to promote healthy brain development and fight ONSbottleShadowinflammation, probiotic to aid digestion to help get the most out of every meal, and super greens to promote regular bowel movements & help prevent colic, allergies, and inflammation. Needless to say, these tablets pack a nutritional punch!

The product is shipped in bulk bottles, each containing a year supply for a child. We were thrilled when Lifesong for Orphans Vice President, Andy Lehman, informed us that a single donor stepped up to sponsor 50 of the 100 children at the orphanage! However, that means that there are still 50 more that need sponsored. Nine other individual bottles have also been LiberiaMap59purchased, which means that we are currently sitting at 59 bottles as of September 3rd. Praise the Lord! But we don’t have much time. The Lifesong team will be traveling to Liberia in November to deliver the bottles of nutrients, which means we have just under 2 months left to get the remaining 41 children sponsored.

Would you be willing provide one of these bulk bottles to a child in Liberia that will improve their future health and development? Just click on this link to get started! And make sure to select Lifesong for Orphans as the recipient organization. Together, we can make a difference! Building Health. Giving Hope.