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From Program to Non-Profit


If you follow along with our journey at Encompass Nutrients, you may have noticed us talking about a program that we call “Orphan Nutrition Sponsorship”.  100% of our profits from our products have always been poured directly back into organizations that are doing the important work of caring for vulnerable children around the world, but as our company has grown, so has our mission.  While we still believe that these products are an important component to building health for all, we realized that we needed to get the nutrients to those vulnerable children that we were already pouring into.  Our Orphan Nutrition Sponsorship program was formed and we began to do just that.

In recent months, that program has matured into it’s own non-profit organization (a division of V2V Intl.), making it that much easier for families, businesses, church groups, etc. to give.  Orphan Nutrition Sponsorship, powered by the Complete Line at Encompass Nutrients, now has a specific focus to provide those children with these nutrients that their growing bodies so desperately need.  

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Children in places like Liberia, Haiti, Uganda, India, and Costa Rica are already taking the product and their caregivers are noticing a substantial difference.  Where children were once malnourished (even with 3 meals a day), their bodies are responding through growth and overall health.  One orphanage spoke of their monthly hospital visits being cut from around 15 to 1.  Not only are these kids healthier, but what an incredible savings on time and resources.

There is an overwhelming desire for orphanages and children’s homes to get these nutrients as soon as possible, but many of these organizations are struggling against an already stretched yearly budget, even with a minimal addition of $7.42 per month for a child’s nutrients.  The organizations who desperately want this product are many, but their ability to pay for it is non-existent without your help.


At Orphan Nutrition Sponsorship, we are working to ensure that organizations who need this product can have access to it.  We are doing everything we can to make that happen and one of those ways is by asking for your help.  We are looking for partners in the form of families, businesses, church groups, schools, etc. who can be paired with specific organizations who desire to make a difference in their children’s lives by providing them with Encompass Nutrients.  There are entire orphanages / children’s homes that need your help, starting with as few as 20 children ($148.40 per month for a home or $1,780 per year).  If you don’t feel like you can start there, but still want to make a difference, $7.42 per month or $89 for a whole year can make a difference in one child’s life.  If you have a little more room to give, consider taking on more children.  

The desire is there.  The need is great.  We can make a differenceWill you be the one to change a life today?