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We are diving right in with an immediate need for you.  We currently have product on it’s way to 2nd Milk in Malawi, but we don’t yet have a sponsor for them.  Would you be able to come alongside and support this organization who is ready to get this vital nutrition to the very young children in their care?


2nd Milk is on the ground in Malawi making a difference in the lives of the very young who have already endured a tragedy that most of us can’t fathom.  They step in when children lose their mothers; providing families with hope and a future through formula and food.  It is a tremendous work that they are already doing and their desire is to see Encompass Nutrients aid even further in these young lives’ development, health, and growth.

Could your business, family, organization, church group, etc. be the one to bridge the gap for this need?

Contact us today for more details or get started now.



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