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We have another need for a Lifesong primary school, this time in Ziway, Ethiopia.  Encompass Nutrients Complete Kids product will be making it’s way to two more primary classes in Ziway during the month of March, but thus far, we have 70 kids who still need sponsored.ziway

Lifesong for Orphans has partnered with Misgana Ministries for the school at Ziway, serving through excellence in education, nutrition through two meals a day, as well as feeding the souls of these children as they learn about the love of Christ.  Lifesong’s desire is to start these early year students on Encompass Nutrients to even further help in their growth and development as they learn.

The cost for all 70 students for an entire year is $6,230, or around $520 per month.  Could your business, family, organization, church group, etc. be the one to bridge the gap for this need?

Contact us today for more details or get started now.