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Adorable Boy Takes His Daily Vitamin

Our taste preferences are a funny thing. So much of it comes down to comparisons and expectations. If you take someone who’s only ever eaten vegetables their entire life, and introduce them to meat, there’s a good chance they wouldn’t like it. If you were to introduce that same person to a new vegetable they’d probably love it.

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The same could be said for children’s vitamins. If Johnny has only ever taken gummy vitamins his entire life (made almost entirely of sugar and high fructose corn syrup) he wouldn’t respond well to an all natural organic chewable tablet. Why? His expectations are that it should taste like a piece of candy. When it does not, he’s disappointed. The good news is that expectations will change over time. Johnny will begin to like the new daily chewable if that’s what he has come to expect and has grown accustomed to. Of course, the best choice is to give your child a healthy multivitamin right from the start.

Look at little Liam in this video. He’s pretty happy with his Complete Kids all-in-one vitamin/nutrient. So much in fact that his mom has to tell him to only take 1 and save the rest for another day.

Even with a healthy breakfast like Liam has (eggs and fruit), it’s important to fill in the gaps of his diet. A multivitamin that also contains probiotic, omega-3 for brain development, and super greens should be a part of every child’s daily nutrition. There’s only one such product that exists; Complete Kids by Encompass Nutrients. And when Liam grows up and becomes an adult, it’s just as important for him to continue giving his body the nutrition it needs to function properly. He can continue getting the same 4 products all in one product; Complete Adult by Encompass Nutrients. Mom, you don’t have to wait. You can start taking it right now!