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Children’s Vitamins: Junk vs Healthy

Why do sugar cereals exist? The answer is simple; SALES! Companies have figured out that if you make something taste great (and let’s face it, lots of sugar makes just about everything taste pretty good) they can get kids and therefore families to buy their goods. The problem lies in getting children to eat things that are actually good for them.

Gone are the days of parents making their kids finish their broccoli, peas, and carrots before getting up from the dinner table. How then are kids going to get essential vitamins and minerals their bodies need? The cereal companies have their answer, and it’s infusing vitamins into their sugary boxes of flakes, marshmallows, and puffs. They call that a “win-win”.

Children's Vitamins: Junk vs Healthy Image

The folks at the vitamin companies have picked up on this strategy and have begun masking their vitamins in the form ofgummy bears. In fact, they’ve even taken it a step further and also coated them in sugar. Kids love them because they taste like candy. Why? BECAUSE THEY ARE CANDY. And if parents can be fooled by this marketing strategy, then why wouldn’t it also work on adult multivitamins? You guessed it! The vast majority of vitamins out there for adults are gummies coated in sugar; because why not?

Here’s the problem….There is so much sugar, artificial flavoring, artificial coloring, and who knows what else in those gummies that they are doing more harm to a child’s body than good. Kids would be better off not taking them at all than taking them. That begs the question, “Why again are you buying them?”

There’s a better solution to the problem of getting children the much needed vitamins and minerals they need.

There’s a better solution to the problem of getting children the much needed vitamins and minerals they need. It’s called Complete Kids. Its all natural and organic ingredients ensure that it’s safe for children to take and bioavailable for the body to absorb. It has 19 vitamins and minerals, but doesn’t stop there. What truly makes Encompass Nutrients unique is that we’ve figured out a way to also include probiotic to aid digestion and pull more nutrition out of the food kids are eating, omega-3 to aid in their brain development, and super greens to give them all the goodness of broccoli, kale, and alfalfa without actually having to eat a plate of it. That’s 4 products in 1! There’s more nutrition packed into each chewable tablet than anything else out there. Not only will you feel good about what you’re giving your kids, you’ll also feel good knowing that your purchase is also providing the same nutrition to orphaned and vulnerable children around the world through our partnership with Orphan Nutrition Sponsorship.

That’s 4 products in 1!

Aaron Waggoner, Encompass Nutrients VP and Director of Orphan Nutrition Sponsorship talks about this very thing in this video.