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Elias Rojas – Elite Runner

Elias Rojas joined Dr. Waggoner to chat about his profession and his hobby, and in the process his passion is revealed.

DR. WAGGONER: “What’s your profession Elias?”

ELIAS ROJAS: “I’m an educator. I teach 1st grade for the West Noble School Corporation (Ligonier, IN). I’ve been doing that for the past 6 years.”

DR. WAGGONER: “Where did you go to high school and college?”

ELIAS ROJAS: “I went to West Noble High School. I’m originally from Chicago, IL. In November of 2000 we moved to Ligonier. That’s when I started at West Noble as a freshman. Then, I went on to Indiana Wesleyan University. That’s where I went on to do my under-grad, and I extended my cross country and track career down there for Coach Foss.”

DR. WAGGONER: “So, how did you get started in running?”

Elias Rojas Fort Wayne race imageELIAS ROJAS: “I was a soccer player. Growing up, that was my passion. That’s what I put my energy towards. Like many kids, I had a dream of being the next big thing world wide. I wanted to be ER7 before CR7 existed (reference to Christiano Ronaldo of Real Madrid). But then I got into high school and I wanted to stay in shape. I had missed the fall soccer season with our move to Indiana. I joined track to stay in shape, and I thought I would be a good sprinter, but quickness on the pitch doesn’t necessary translate to being fast. Coach Shephard (distance coach) saw me, and said, “You need to come run with us.” That’s how I got started, and I fell in love with the team aspect; the family atmosphere that West Noble had, and has had for a very long time. It evolved from there. The first time I went out on a 5 mile run around town, and I felt like I had run around the world. I was the very last one, and the team all came back to run with me. That meant a lot to me. After that, I became a student of the sport and always wanted to maximize my potential.”

DR. WAGGONER: “Elias won’t toot his own horn, but when he goes out and runs in races like the Sunburst half marathon and 10K in South Bend and other races, he usually finishes #1 or #2 consistently. He’s definitely an elite runner. And we’re excited to have him use our product! How long have you been taking our Encompass Nutrients Complete Adult & Joint Health?”

ELIAS ROJAS: “I’ve been taking Complete Adult & Joint Health since the summer of 2014. Ever since I’ve been taking it as part of my daily routine. It definitely has allowed me to maintain what I demand out of my body day in and day out. For me, I have to have it.” 

DR. WAGGONER: “As far as running now, how old are you, and what do you see in your future? How has it helped you stay fit?”

ELIAS ROJAS: “I’m 31. Sometimes I like to think that I’m not, but I have to accept it. I’m looking to extend my competitive career. I recently formed a partnership with Flee Feet Sports in Mishawaka. I was sponsored by a store in Ft. Wayne, and now this is the second phase. I look at this as volume II of my career. For all of you walkers, joggers, and runners, go to Fleet Feet in Mishawaka and Brand and his team will take good care of you. I know that we all have a window of opportunity in whatever we do. My window closes just a little bit every day, because I’m getting older every day. But I’m going to maximize my ability, and continue surrounding myself with the right people and the right partnerships to maximize my potential. I want to compete for as long as my mind and my body hold up. I’ve learned that the mental game is just as  important as the physical. My body will probably go before my mind. That’s my prediction. I could be wrong. I foresee myself competing until I can no longer respond to the “why I do this” and enjoy it.” 

DR. WAGGONER: “Encompass Nutrients tag line is “Building Health. Giving Hope.” What does the “Giving Hope” part of that mean to you?”

ELIAS ROJAS: “Giving hope to me is using the platform I have through my career as an educator and through my racing & competing to show that as long as you are  doing what you can control and living a healthy lifestyle there’s going to be hope for a better day tomorrow. A better year. A better month. To me, that’s what giving hope means. If we live a balanced life, we should be able to do good for those around us.”

DR. WAGGONER: “One of the reasons we sponsor Elias as a runner is because of his heart for family, for children as an educator, and his belief in our mission of Building Health and Giving Hope through our product. As you know, 100% of our profits go to help orphans & vulnerable children throughout the world. It’s nice to have Elias here along with us for our talk. Any closing comments you want to make?”

ELIASE ROJAS: “First and foremost, I want to thank you Dr. Waggoner for inviting me here not only today, but to join you along the journey. I can see what you guys are doing and your vision and how you are putting your all, and I respect that. Right now, we are living in a society where it’s ok to be ok. I think we need to continually wake up and ask, “How can we be the best versions of ourselves?” In every area! Yes, we want to be selfless and give, but before we can take care of anyone else, we need to take care of ourselves so that we can take care of those around us. A big part of that is how we are taking care of our body. Obviously, that’s where Encompass Nutrients comes in, and has been able to help me hopefully do as much good as I can on a day in and day out basis. From an exercise standpoint, I respect anyone who’s out there trying to get better day in and day out. We have different levels of desire and ability, but every time someone comes up to me and says “I could never run the times that you run”, I always tell them, “Hey, you’re lapping everyone that’s on the couch.” Go out there and be the best you that you can possibly be. If you’re in the market looking for a nutritional supplement, definitely take a look at Encompass Nutrients. It’s a great company with a great product and an even greater mission. That’s what makes this company unique.”