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Company Origins

It’s been over 5 years since we founded Encompass Nutrients. This journey has been filled with ups, downs, and everything in between. But do you know how it all began?

Dr. Terrance Waggoner has been a chiropractor for for 32 years! He had a patient of his that asked why they had to take all of these different pills to get the nutrients they needed. “Why don’t they just make one that does it all?” She was taking a probiotic, a multivitamin, an omega-3 supplement, and one filled with super greens; paying around $112 a month in total cost. She asked a really good question. The obvious answer was probably because most companies simply want to make more money, preferring to sell four different products rather than one. Doc took her question and asked himself, “Why don’t I create a product that combines all 4 into 1?” That’s where the idea for Encompass Nutrients was born.

Most people don’t just hear of a problem and then immediately act on creating a solution. Dr. Waggoner happened to be reading a book called “Start.” by John Acuff. It’s about living your life with purpose and great ideas mean nothing if you don’t act on them. So, within a few days of this radical idea of an all-in-one nutrient to save people time & money, we had a tax ID and were off and running to create a company that would provide all-in-one products to save customers time and money.

The story doesn’t end there. Doc was perfectly content with making his living off of his chiropractic office. So, he knew he wanted this company to be used for something greater than just making himself more money. He wanted it to be a “kingdom company”. Several years earlier, Dr. Waggoner and his wife Juli had adopted a little girl form Ethiopia. It was during their time in Ethiopia that God stirred their hearts to care for orphans and vulnerable children. That’s why a completely radical decision was made. 100% of the company profits of Encompass Nutrients would benefit orphaned and vulnerable children! Originally, this was through the support of other non-profits caring for kids already, but later turned into another organization called Orphan Nutrition Sponsorship that provides orphaned kids with Encompass Nutrients products to improve their health and development.

There you have it! Now you know how and why Encompass Nutrients was founded. To learn even more details, make sure to watch the above video! Want to try out Encompass products for yourself? Click HERE!