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Fitting Exercise Into Your Busy Schedule

We hope by now that you know how important getting regular exercise is to your overall health (mind, body, and soul). As the eastern direction in our #HealthCompass, we can’t stress enough how vital it is to make it a part of your daily routine. Do it daily enough times, and you will develop a habit of exercise, and that’s what it takes to be consistent at it.

We know what you’re thinking…”I’m busy! I don’t really have time to fit exercise into my schedule.” Here’s a little secret. Those people you see exercising each day on your way to work, at the park, or even during your lunch break, they are busy too. The only difference? They have made exercise enough of a priority to where it has become a non-negotiable. Prioritizing exercise is the first step to adding it into your schedule. If it’s not a priority, it’s not going to happen (or at least it won’t last).

Now that you’ve decided to make exercise a priority, how are you going to fit it in to your busy schedule? Here are a few ideas to help you get started…

  • Commutercise! If you live within 10 miles of your workplace, consider biking, walking, or running to work and back home each day. Sure, it will take you a little longer than commuting by car or train, but you’ll also be taking advantage of that normal commute time, fitting in exercise where you’d otherwise be sitting on your duff.
  • Exercise during your lunch break! If you have a 1 hour lunch break, consider exercising in place of eating in the cafeteria or going out. You won’t take any added time away from your family or other responsibilities, and it will really help motivate and energize you in the afternoon. Don’t worry, you can still eat that meal you brought to work. Just eat at your desk while you work (we realize this may not be an option for everyone).
  • Get up early! This could be a difficult pill to swallow for many of you, but getting your day started with exercise is a great habit to create. It also eliminates the opportunity to brush it aside later in the day if you’re having a bad one. You’ll also feel better throughout the day if you start it off right. We promise!
  • Eliminate obstacles! If these first three suggestions either can’t or won’t happen, it’s time to ask yourself, “What other options do I have?” Despite this phrase being very popular, it is in fact impossible to “make time”. That only leaves one option; make better decisions on how you spend your time. Could you give up a show or two in the evening? Probably. Could you find ways to be more efficient at work, shopping for groceries, or even possibly limit the number of activities your kids are involved in all in an effort to “make time” for exercise?
As a side note, if joint pain is an obstacle for you, try taking Joint Health. It helps lubricate, cushion, and rebuild your joints allowing you to exercise free of pain in your joints.

Quite simply, you have a decision to make. Is getting exercise as part of your daily health routine important enough for you to actually do it? We hope that it is!

Please comment below with your suggestions on ways you fit exercise into your life.