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ONS in Ethiopia – 2018

Dr. Terrance Waggoner recently returned from his yearly pilgrimage to Ethiopia with Lifesong for Orphans. If you’ve been following us on social media, you’ll know that this year the trip was postponed by 2 months due to the political climate in Addis Ababa which left Aaron Waggoner (getting ready to make his 1st trip to Ethiopia) unable to go with a scheduling conflict.

Feeding children Encompass Nutrients all-in-one vitamin supplement.The team that was able to travel helped Orphan Nutrition Sponsorship out by packing and delivering bulk bottles of our children’s nutrients (Complete Kids) to the nursery students at Lifesong Schools in both Ziway and Adami Tulu. There are 140 children at that age group in total, and thanks to our donors and supporters they’ll be taking these every school day to supplement the two meals the school provides. Nutrition is a big part of the care these children are given through Lifesong, but when they first show up as students at the age of 4, they are pretty severely malnourished.

However, we still don’t have all of the 140 students’ nutrition cost covered yet. We have provided the nutrients on faith to all 140 kids, but we still have 25 children that need sponsored at the time this is being written. If you’d like to help sponsor one of these kids, please click HERE to donate/sponsor.

Young boy helped by Orphan Nutrition SponsorshipDr. Waggoner and the rest of the team also had the opportunity to visit some of the homes of the children. Most live in a small one room mud building whether it’s a family of 3 or 7. Most children have the clothing they are wearing and nothing else. Yet they all seem to have so much joy! Visiting these homes will change your perspective on needs vs. wants, and make you appreciate what you already have.

To hear more of Dr. Waggoner’s thoughts and feelings regarding his recent travels, make sure to watch the entire video above.

Would your employer be interested in financially partnering with Orphan Nutrition Sponsorship in providing vital nutrition to orphaned and vulnerable children? Is your church searching for a tangible way to care for orphans?  Click HERE to either donate or purchase product to provide to the children you’re already serving.