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An Honest Review From the VP (Not what You Think)

Who doesn’t love a review of a product? It can either give us confidence that we’re making the right choice or it can cause us to keep looking elsewhere.

There are a few things to keep in mind when reading reviews of a product. For starters, a review is entirely dependent on the expectations the reviewer had before trying the product or service. For instance, you can have ten people with the exact same experience leave a complete range of reviews from positive to negative. The difference is not in the product or service itself; as we stated it was exactly the same for all ten people. The difference lies in varying degrees of expectation each person had. Secondly, the trustworthiness of a review can also depend on the association the reviewer has with the product or company.

As the Vice President of Encompass Nutrients, I understand that I’m risking my credibility by leaving my personal review of our products. I mean, who is going to trust a review from the person who runs the company and whose livelihood comes from it? First of all, my wife can tell you that I am an honest man. I tell it like it is (even if it sometimes risks hurting her feelings). But I believe she’s come to appreciate that she can fully trust that what I tell her is true. I know that some of you reading this will discount my review no matter what, and I completely understand. I’m a pretty skeptical person myself, so I wouldn’t blame you one bit. But I am asking you to trust that my review is honest and sincere.

Keep reading. There’s a good chance you’ll be surprised at what I say.

I have been taking both our Complete Adult 4-in-1 product and our Joint Health for over 5 years now. I never really took supplements regularly before this. I was someone who didn’t see the value being worth the cost. I was skeptical. As an employee of this new company, I knew that it only made sense that I also become a customer; which means that I pay for the product just like any other customer does. To date, I’ve now been taking both products for over 5 years!

What Was My Initial Experience Like – I didn’t really know what to expect when I started taking Encompass Nutrients. As I mentioned earlier, I hadn’t regularly taken any supplements, so this was new to me. Honestly, after a few weeks, or even months, I didn’t really notice much of a difference (not what you were expecting me to say, is it?). I didn’t “feel” any difference in my energy, sleep, or anything else. But I kept taking them. Then, when the dreaded winter/flu season hit I started to notice something. I wasn’t getting sick the way I normally did in the winter months. Then, year after year this trend continued. Now, it’s become my new normal. It’s not that I don’t ever get sick, but where I see the difference is that it’s not as severe, doesn’t last as long, and it doesn’t happen nearly as often. Apart from the whole area of sickness, I can’t say I notice any differences with the Complete Adult. But you know what? Whether I feel a difference or not is irrelevant. I am a firm believer that we put way too much stock in how something makes us “feel”. Despite the fact that I felt no different, I KNOW that the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients were (and are) filling in the gaps of my diet, giving my body the essential building blocks to perform its best and function properly. There is science behind every one of our 26 ingredients, and there’s a reason each of them are in our product. For me, I cannot imagine my life without Complete Adult. Simply put, I know I am healthier with it than I am without it.

How About the Joint Health? – I am a very active person. Thankfully, even at the age of 40 I don’t have any joint aches and pains. However, when I do go for a longer run (5 miles or longer) I no longer get pain in my knees like I used to. That was the one time I would really notice joint pain in my body. Joint Health has made a big difference there. Aside from that, I know that it’s helping as a preventative supplement, keeping my body free of aches and pains. Did you know that your body stops producing glycoproteins in your mid to late 20’s? The best way to keep your joints lubricated and cushioned is with a product like Joint Health. The $20 every 2 months is well worth being pain free.

In closing, I have not yet mentioned that 100% of our company’s profits goes towards improving the health & development of orphaned & vulnerable children around the world. I am extremely proud to work for this company that not only improves the lives of those who take our products, but also the lives of so many children who desperately need the benefits it provides.