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Boosting Your Immunity Before, During, & After Travel

You’re getting ready to fly to Cancun for your summer vacation (or wherever you may be going). You’ve got your clothes, toiletries, camera equipment, and electronics all packed and ready to go. But what do you do when it comes to healthcare while you’re away?

Many people think of one product in particular; Airborne Original immunity support. It’s a great idea, right? Boost your immunity before, during, and after a vacation so you don’t ruin your trip with sickness. Who wants that? They’ve done a great job of marketing their product for that situation specifically, and many even carry it over into cold & flu season. However, have you ever compared what’s in Airborne with other products? Let’s take a look at how Airborne stacks up against our Complete Adult for immunity support.


Are you staggered to find out that people who purchase Airborne are not only getting a small fraction of the vital vitamins & nutrients needed for immune support, but are spending 71% more per serving to do so!?

See how Complete Adult Compares to Other Popular Multivitamins

The next time you’re getting ready to pack for your trip to Florida and are stuck on an airplane full of coughing, hacking, and sneezing reach for a bottle of Complete Adult. You’ll get loads more benefit from it than just immune support and you’ll have more money to spend on that vacation with the money you saved.