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We have all been there. We finally bring ourselves to the point of admitting that we’ve let ourselves go for too long having put on more weight than we should. We get it! No one is perfect. Even the ones who never seem to put on weight will admit they often don’t eat the way they should. They just happen to be the ones who have been blessed (understatement) with high metabolism and do not possess the ability to gain weight. You know the ones I am talking about!

So, now that you’ve admitted you’re at an unhealthy weight, the solution is simple. Right? You simply need to lose weight! In all fairness, the solution actually is simple. To lose the weight, you just need to burn more calories than you consume. It’s science. It takes a 3,500 calorie deficit to lose 1 pound of weight. It’s not rocket science. The math is simple. So why is it so difficult to do? Hey, I never said it was easy. I said it was simple. Those are two words with VERY different meanings.

If weight loss is simply a numbers game (and it is), then it would make sense to make numbers a part of your weight loss journey. If you need to burn 3,500 calories less than you consume for every pound of weight you want to lose, then you need help with counting those calories. Thankfully, there are many apps out there to do just that! The one I have used for years to help me keep track of the food I am eating is called “Lose it!”. You’re welcome to use another if you prefer. We are not getting paid in any way to endorse this app, but I love that it’s free and easy to use.

Many people are shocked when they sit down and actually track (count calories) the foods they are consuming. But it’s almost impossible to make progress in weight loss if you don’t actually keep track of the food you eat as well as the calories you burn. It’s like your own little accountability partner.

Here are few pieces of advice as you begin your calorie counting journey.

BE HONEST!  –  Always be as accurate as you can when you enter your food. Otherwise, why even bother taking the time to do it. If anything, estimate on the high side to make sure you aren’t going over your daily budget.

BE CONSISTENT!  –  The key is starting, and then keeping at it. It will seem tedious at first. However, the more food you have entered, the easier it gets as the app lets you keep track of the foods you most often eat. You can even pull up past meals if you’re eating left overs. If you miss a day, try to go back and enter it in as best as you can. You need to be committed if you’re serious about losing weight.

BE HEALTHY!  –  It is true that when it comes to weight loss, calories matter more than content. However, make sure that you’re also making healthy choices in what foods you are eating. You can have two people with the same height that weigh exactly the same, yet with one looking lean and fit and the other looking a little “softer”. Why? It matters what you eat. Are you eating lean meats and vegetables or eating nothing but simple carbs and sugars? Also, are you incorporating weight training and exercise? What you’re made up of is far more important than a number on a scale. That is only a frame of reference. A person with a lot of muscle mass is going to weight more than someone who doesn’t have all that muscle. It doesn’t mean that person with loads of muscle is overweight.

BE ACTIVE!  –  They say weight loss is 80% diet and 20% exercise, and that’s true. However, don’t neglect the exercise altogether! Not only will you burn added calories, exercise also helps boost your metabolism so you’ll also burn more calories while you’re resting. Who doesn’t want that? 🙂

We wish you the best on your weight loss journey. Have fun with it! You may find that entering your calories can become addictive and your competitive side coming out. We think that if you follow these rules you’ll see success, but ultimately your success comes down to the effort you put in.

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