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RAIN Ride/Ride 4 A Reason 2019

Simply put, this is the hardest thing I have ever done.

Terry, Mark, and I (Aaron) have been training for the past several months. We have each put in hundreds of miles on our bicycles to prepare for 1 event; the Ride Across INdiana (also known as the RAIN Ride) as this year’s Ride 4 a Reason fundraiser. You may be wondering, “Surely they can’t actually mean riding their bikes across the entire state can they?” I assure you, that’s exactly what it means. It’s the reason their tagline is…”160 miles. One Way. One Day.”

Now, the event has come and gone. How did our 3 cyclists/fundraisers do?

They took off from St. Mary of the Woods College near Terre Haute, IN at 7:00 am with about 1035 other riders. The first rest stop was at mile 38 and unfortunately, Terry had to end his day on the bike. About 3 weeks prior to the ride Terry had a fall on his bike and messed up his knee. However, he wanted to give it a shot and see if he could complete the ride but the swelling became too much. Mark and Aaron both felt pretty good at this point and after fueling up on pickle juice, bananas, and cookies, they were off again. Terry joined Dick in the truck who was kind enough to be our PSV (personal support vehicle).

Mark and I met a young man named Isaac who was going the ride alone, so we asked if he wanted to stick with us for the day. We’re glad he did! We kept together through the next two legs and by the time we reached our lunch stop at mile 92, it was getting pretty dang hot. I hadn’t mentioned yet, that the forecast for the day was 97 with humidity. It was so intimidating that over 250 riders didn’t even bother to show up for the ride. Thankfully, each stop had plenty of water, ice, and even had misting/spraying water to help cool down riders. It was refreshing.

After lunch, the heat only got worse, and the fatigue started to set in. Muscles started to ache, and we just started feeling a bit more uncomfortable on our bikes. They say that the highest the temperature got that day on the asphalt roads was 116! It’s no wonder that we began seeing riders dropping like flies. Many of the other PSVs were now carrying bikes on their racks with riders inside enjoying the luxury of cool air conditioning and a cushioned seat. Not us. We were still grinding out miles.

We reached our last planned stop with 28 miles left to go. We were really feeling it at this point. The popsicles were a welcome treat! I (Aaron) almost decided to throw in the towel at this point. Mark and Isaac had more left in the tank than I did and I felt like I was holding them back. They just wanted to be done, so we decided it was best for them to go their own pace and I go mine. Reluctantly, we got back on the bikes for one last section of State Road 40.

All of the comments I remembered seeing about this ride were that it was flat. Lies. They’re all lies! There were many hills; some of which seemed to go on forever and some were much steeper. Of course, they had to put the toughest climb in the last 10 miles of the ride after we were already exhausted.

Finally, we each made it across the finish line. Mark and Isaac did so about 30 minutes ahead of me, but we each made it. That was the goal. Well that was our goal for the ride, but our bigger goal was to raise money for Orphan Nutrition Sponsorship. A handful of donations came in during the ride day and we ended up raising $15,545! We couldn’t have done it without our corporate sponsors (Encompass Nutrients, CCWC, and Solomon Mier Manor B&B) and all of you who sponsored our ride. THANK YOU! Because of your efforts, about 207 children will receive the benefits our nutrients provide for an entire year!

Remember, absolutely anyone can participate in Ride 4 A Reason and you can make it any ride and anywhere. Just click this link to learn more and sign up so you can help raise money for Orphan Nutrition Sponsorship.

Here are some stats for the RAIN ride you may find interesting.

Registered Riders = 1300

Riders that Began the Day = 1028

Riders that Finished all 160 miles = 642

Riders that Either Didn’t Show or DNF = 658

Mark’s Time on His Bike = 10:31:51

Aaron’s Time on His Bike = 10:24:31

Total Time Start to Finish = Mark: 12 Hours 38 Minutes    Aaron: 13 Hours 9 Minutes

Place Finished = Mark: 459/1300   Aaron: 552/1300

Liquids Consumed = 312 ounces or 2.44 Gallons each for Mark & Aaron (estimate based on two 24 ounce water bottles per leg plus a little extra during the stops)

Flat Tires = 0



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