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5 Tips & Tricks to Remember to Take Your Encompass Nutrients

Most of our customers love taking advantage of our Encompass Club that automatically ships product to your door every month or two, depending on your preference. If taken every day, you’ll never get backed-up on your product. Like clockwork, your next bottle will arrive right about the time you are running out on your previous bottle. And it’s extremely important that your body gets all those nutrients to help it function properly and stay healthy. That’s pretty simple, right? Simple, but not easy!

If you are someone that often forgets to take your daily dose of Encompass Nutrients, don’t worry. You’re not alone. We’d love to help!

Here are 5 Tips & Tricks to help you remember to take your Encompass Nutrients every day!

1.) Set an Alarm on Your Phone! – You have amazing technology right there in your pocket. Make the most of it! Set a repeating alarm for the same time every day (typically in the morning) to remind you when it’s time to take your daily dose of Complete Adult & Joint Health. Do this over a long enough period of time, and you’ll no longer need the alarm. It will just be habit.

2.) Keep Your Bottles Visible! – Rather than hiding your bottles in the cupboard where it’s easy to forget, try placing them right on the kitchen table or next to your bathroom sink. Just make sure it’s somewhere you’ll see them every day. Now, leave them there. You’ll be reminded to take your pills when you see them.

3.) Use a Pillbox! – Just the same as you do for any other medication you may be taking, use your pillbox for your daily vitamins! Don’t have a pillbox? They’re inexpensive, and worth the investment if it helps you remember.

4.) Ask a Friend to Help Remind You! – What are friends for if not to help one another? Ask your spouse, friend, or even child to remind you to take your pills. It helps if they are someone who has a good track record of remembering things. 😉

5.) Combine With Another Daily Routine! – We are creatures of habit. You most likely have something that you do every single day, no matter what. Try combining taking your nutrients with whatever that other thing is so that you won’t forget.

It really doesn’t matter what method you use, just as long as you remember. Your body will thank you and you’ll stay right on schedule with your shipments of product. And isn’t it just nice when things work smoothly?