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Complete Kids Gets a New Flavor!

Over 1/3 of kids in America take a daily vitamin. The daily vitamin you choose to give your kids is extremely important.

Complete Kids Cherry Crush

You want to give them something that’s actually good for them and benefits their overall health and development. Dr. Terrance Waggoner recommends that children should be getting not only a multivitamin to fill in the gaps of their diet, but should also be getting minerals, omega-3 fatty acids to aid in brain development, probiotic to aid with digestion, and super greens to help build the immune system. But who wants to buy 4 different products? That is exactly why we have combined all four of those product categories into one daily chewable for kids. We call it Complete Kids!

We’re excited to announce that Complete Kids now comes in a brand new flavor. We call it Cherry Crush! It’s cherry with a bit of citrus that compliment one another in providing great flavor kids will like with a bit of tartness to help mask the flavor of all that nutrition we pack into each tablet.

Captain CrushYou’ll also notice a new character on our bottle! It’s Captain Crush! His cherry head represents our new flavor while his shield represents a strong immune system that helps fight off sickness. Finally, he’s a strong and healthy role model that kids can look up to.

We know you’ll love all of the nutrition your kids will get from Complete Kids Cherry Crush. Your kids will love the new flavor and Captain Crush who encourages them to have fun and stay healthy.