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Adorable Boy Takes His Daily Vitamin

Our taste preferences are a funny thing. So much of it comes down to comparisons and expectations. If you take someone who’s only ever eaten vegetables their entire life, and introduce them to meat, there’s a good chance they wouldn’t like it. If you were to introduce that same person to a new vegetable they’d […]

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Children’s Vitamins: Junk vs Healthy

Why do sugar cereals exist? The answer is simple; SALES! Companies have figured out that if you make something taste great (and let’s face it, lots of sugar makes just about everything taste pretty good) they can get kids and therefore families to buy their goods. The problem lies in getting children to eat things […]

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$136,000 in Product Donated!!

The best made plans don’t always turn out the way you intend. Sometimes, they turn into something even better that you never could have imagined. Last September we released our Complete Kids all-in-one nutrient for purchase. It has all of the same great nutritional benefits of our Complete Adult but in a chewable tablet for children. […]

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“Completing” Our Line of Products

My son, Ty, accepted the elephant-shaped chewable I offered him and put it in his mouth. He smiled as he began to chew it and said, “Crunchy!”. “Do you like it?”, I asked. He simply smiled as he shook his head in approval. For seven months now, we’ve been offering teens and adults a completely unique product […]

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