Our Products

Adult all-in-one multivitamin with probiotic, super greens, and omega-3.

Encompass Nutrients was born out of the idea that we could save our customers time and money by developing a truly unique product.  Daily multivitamins have existed for years, but these days more and more health conscience consumers are also taking probiotics to aid with digestion and boost the immune system and omega-3 fatty acids to aid in reducing inflammation as well as aid heart health.  However, these products have always existed independently of each other, until now!  Our Complete line of products combines 19 vitamins and minerals, probiotics, omega-3 fatty acids, as well as our proprietary blend of super green whole foods into one single daily dose.  There is no longer a need to purchase three or four bottles (sometimes more) in order to get all of the benefits our product offers; saving you time & money!

We also understand that each stage of life is unique and the same dosage does not work for all ages.  This is why we offer Complete Kids and Complete Adult; each with its own unique dose of our formula geared towards the needs of the targeted stage of life.

We also created Joint Health to specifically target, you guessed it, the health and functionality of your joints.

Three products.  Pretty simple, right?  Simple, but effective!  We think you’ll love our products; especially knowing that a portion of every purchase will be donated towards providing improved nutrition to orphaned and vulnerable children around the globe.  Now, that’s a purchase with a purpose!  Encompass Nutrients; Building Health. Giving Hope.

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