Orphan Nutrition Sponsorship

We believe that everyone, no matter how healthy their diet, can benefit from essential vitamins and nutrients to fill in the gaps of their diet. How much more vital is it to children who don’t get three good meals a day? Some may only eat a little rice and some beans, and others don’t get much at all. Sadly, there are even children whose only nutrition comes from what they find rummaging through heaps of trash. All of these children are missing out on vital nutrition that’s necessary for proper development. Does it really help? YES! (Click HERE to view all 26 active ingredients and their benefits.)

We have tried other vitamins (gummies) and there was no difference. After we got the Encompass Nutrients from ONS, the kids continued eating the same food, and then we started to see the improvement. If I was to show you what they looked like before and what they look like now, you would not believe the difference!

– Emmanuel Jones/Director Lifesong for Orphans Liberia


Change a life for only $7.42 a month!2017_03_1180 (1)

We have multiple organizations partnering with us in providing quality nutrients to the children in their care through OrphanNutrition Sponsorship, but we need your help funding the cost of the product.

You now have the opportunity to directly impact the life of these vulnerable children by providing them with daily nutrients they otherwise wouldn’t get. For only $89, you can sponsor a year supply of Encompass Nutrients for a child in need, or you have the option of sponsoring monthly for only $7.42. That’s less than a Netflix membership!


How it Works

Here’s how it works. Organizations contact ONS requesting to receive Encompass Nutrients. We partner with churches, businesses, and families in supporting to help cover the cost of the product. We also put on a yearly fundraiser ride to help provide a surplus of product that can be sent immediately when we learn of a need. We then ship the nutrients to the organization or mission team getting ready to travel to the country/orphanage receiving the product.

Our goal is to create sustainable partnerships between ONS, organizations providing orphan care, and businesses/churches/individuals. Together, we can all take Nutrition On Mission!

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