Giving Hope

Request ONS Products

WhiteLogoNewOrangeIf you are interested in receiving high quality nutrients for your organization to provide to the children in your care, please fill out the form below and we’ll review and reply as soon as possible! If accepted, we’ll begin working hard at locating businesses, churches, and individuals to help sponsor your orphanages or programs. Depending on the immediate need, we may be able to send product right away.

Any contacts or connections you have that you’re willing to reach out to for funding is appreciated. Together, our reach as well as our impact will be much greater!


* Encompass Nutrients seeks to please and glorify God by providing nutrition to children in need. Although we are Christian owned and operated we do not necessarily limit our aid to Christian organizations, but we do reserve the right to prioritize how the product is distributed as well as choose who we partner with in these efforts.