Our Mission

indaboysbwTo say that our team has a heart for orphans and children in need is like saying kids like to play in the dirt or that puppies are cute. It’s a gross understatement! Our desire is to do everything we possibly can to love these kids and to eradicate the orphan crisis and child trafficking. That’s why, when the idea of Encompass Nutrients began, the driving force would be to make as much money as possible in order to give as much as possible. Simply put, without our mission of caring for orphans and vulnerable children around the world, Encompass Nutrients wouldn’t exist. We aren’t in it for ourselves.

So, how does your purchase help our mission? Like every business, we have expenses. We have to “take care of business” in order to sustain the company and grow. However, outside of operational expenses 100% of our profits are donated to non-profit organizations that are advocating for orphans and children in need around the globe (including the United States).

To learn more about some of the organizations we plan on supporting, click on the “Our Partners” tab at the top.